Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce discuss Christmas plans as they plan to move in together


Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce discuss Christmas plans as they plan to move in together

As their romance is budding and growing stronger, pop star Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, the American football player Travis Kelce are making their Christmas plans as December is knocking on the door.

Their romance has now entered the ‘serious’ territory, as the couple is reportedly planning on moving in together.

A source told TMZ: “Taylor and Travis are trying to work out their schedules to make sure they set aside as much time together as possible. A Thanksgiving with the 2 families could go down in Kansas City … Travis and his family will already be in town Monday for his game against the Eagles. Here’s the thing everyone knows … Thanksgiving with 2 fams is a BIG step.”

Planning to make it an extra-special and extravagant affair, the football player had previously picked up an enormous $6 million K.C. home, and the place is much more secluded than his old place. As the house has enough room, it could easily accommodate everyone with plenty of more room to spare.

As of now it is very unclear where and how they’ll spend their Christmas, but they’ve already told folks close to them they’ve been chatting about it. Also, this Christmas is something that the two plan to make something that is only about them all the while they manage their work.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are both going to be all over the place, so managing the romance will be hard as Swift will be touring all over the world in 2024, while Travis too will be playing against his rival teams in new matches, as well as undergoing rigorous training sessions.



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