“The Whip” Trailer Is Out

“The Whip” Trailer Is Out

Workbus Films has unveiled the official trailer for “The Whip,” an intriguing indie heist thriller directed by Christopher Presswell, the film blends political intrigue with high-stakes heist action, offering a unique perspective on government power and rebellion.

“The Whip” centers around Sadie (played by Shian Denovan), a full-time carer, driven to desperate measures amidst looming welfare reforms known as Independent Credit. To thwart these reforms and destabilize the government, Sadie devises a daring plan: steal the Chief Whip’s little black book from the Houses of Parliament. This book contains scandalous secrets that could expose and undermine those in power, potentially leading to political upheaval.

The film stars Shian Denovan as Sadie, supported by Gala Wesson, Tom Knight, Daniel Davids, and Ray Bullock Jr. Each character plays a crucial role in Sadie’s audacious mission, forming an unlikely team brought together by a common cause – to challenge authority and bring justice to those affected by governmental policies.

Christopher Presswell, known for his previous works including “Forget Paris” and “Candlestick,” brings his distinctive style to “The Whip.” The screenplay, also penned by Presswell, promises a blend of tension, intrigue, and strategic planning as Sadie and her team navigate the corridors of power in their quest for justice.

Scheduled for release in select UK cinemas on September 4th, 2024, “The Whip” presents a timely narrative amid current political landscapes.


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