Amy Schumer addresses backlash on Nicole Kidman not looking human comment


Amy Schumer addresses backlash on Nicole Kidman not looking human comment

Actress-comedian Amy Schumer, has responded to the backlash she has received for her post, where she had jokingly written that Nicole Kidman was not looking human in one picture. Addressing the backlash, she said, “Breathe y’all”.

Earlier this week, the ‘I Feel Pretty’ star had made a joke about a photo of Kidman attending the US Open in New York, where the Oscar-winner appeared to be super zoned-in on watching the match.

Joking in a since-deleted post that Kidman didn’t look human in the photo, Schumer quickly got heat from fans who thought she was being mean, and even ‘cyberbullying’ the American-Australian actress.

The ‘Trainwreck’ actress, 42, has now issued a statement regarding her comment about the ‘Bombshell’ star, 56.

The actress, after deleting her Instagram post, later returned to the platform to explain that she meant no harm in her initial post.

“Okay so the joke I was making was the way she was posed didn’t seem like how a human sits. I was not making fun of how she looks. Nicole Kidman is beautiful and one of the most incredible actors of all time.”

Detailing the topic in her caption, she wrote: “I hope everyone is okay and takes a deep breath including all of the think pieces written on this,” Schumer wrote before asking if her critics were okay.

“To all of the people who commented on me. I’m so sorry I’m not prettier. Please forgive me. I apologise.” she jokingly added.

She then proceeded to sarcastically add: “It wasn’t even a slow news day. North Korea and Russia are getting too close for comfort. There are deadly storms sweeping our world and a man was convicted of rape.”

“But what got your goat was me saying that Nicole Kidman’s pose was not human like. Breathe y’all. To the people who write hateful things below I forgive you as a mother, a woman and most importantly as someone who also likes hot goss. Have a good weekend.”

Amy Schumer was last seen in the film ‘Bros’ and will next be seen voicing the character of Velvet in the animated film ‘Trolls Band Together’ along with another film ‘Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story’.



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